Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Oh, Life...

Well, I'm back from ignoring this blog. I just fixed up my new blog yesterday. It's called Sunrise, Make Me Feel Love (the title was taken from a song by Caroline called Sunrise). It will be changed to something else later. It will be focused on whatever subject I have in mind. Like if I want to talk Brigitte Lin, my favorite actress or Lucille Ball, my favorite comedic actress or my current obsession with Sephiroth, the main villain from Final Fantasy 7. Seriously, Square Enix is so talented when it comes to making good-looking characters. Anyway...moving along...

How's my writing progress so far?

Grumble, grumble. It hasn't really been coming along. I've sort of just read a lot of fanfiction even though I have told myself time and time again not to read them. A lot of them aren't good and a lot of them are just too funny to not read. I've actually been reading a lot of smut then I stopped temporarily after an asshole tried to follow me home. I won't lie. It scared me shitless and made me so angry at the same time. How dare that guy scare me?!

The worst part of reading fanfiction again is that it makes want to write fanfiction again. Luckily, I quickly turned it into a potential novella. I added my own characters, of course. No plagiarizing here. There's positive sexual content instead of negative sexual content. 

I haven't even been reading novels that I took out. There's a pile of books that remains untouched though I am still reading "The Dog Who Knew Too Much." I'm still trying to decide if I should review other peoples' books.

To be honest, I rather share pictures of animals I took. I don't have much to say. It's hard to open up nowadays when friends you have tend to ignore you.

Stuck together in one small tank. I'm not sure if that's advisable.

I think I did a good job capturing this photo.

I love penguins!

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