Thursday, June 20, 2013

Random Thoughts About Music and Writing

I'm a little anxious right now because I can't eat anything without throwing up. I think it's because of the caffeine in the tea that I drank that the banana in my system ended up in the sink. Thankfully, I made it to the bathroom before any of it got on my shirt. I didn't need a repeat of one summer day when I threw up on the staircase which is CARPETED.

My sleep schedule is also out of whack AGAIN meaning that I was struggling to sleep around 8 when these jackasses were jackhammering right outside my window. Sigh. I mean, why didn't they give us a notice? Lee Soo Young's soft voice (she is the Korean singer, most likely mispronouncing the opening song when you first come onto this blog) and ballad songs covered most of the jackhammering noises.

I'm listening to Yousei Teikoku to calm down my nerves. I've been listening to a lot of them ever since I came back from their concert at Anime Boston.
This is one of my favorite Yousei Teikoku songs called Filament.

After that, I found another band similar to Yousei Teikoku called Denkare. YT's leader singer, Yui-sama sounds awfully similar to the leader singer, Karen. This is one of my favorites of Denkare called Melancholy Rhythm. Isn't the album cover cool?

Then after that I found this J-rock duo called Asriel. Their music is so beautiful and so is their lead singer's voice.

Check out this song called Cartharsis

Putting aside my apparently growing admiration for Japanese rock/metal/symphonic metal, I've actually been writing bits and pieces for my debut novel (at least I hope it'll be my debut novel because I'm well aware of how sometimes your first manuscript won't be published). Unfortunately, my ideas for this novel come when I'm trying to sleep.

You know what is weird? I can't write while listening to music. Most authors have their own playlist for certain scenes like fight scenes but I easily get bored of the music. Then I want to change the music. Although, there was that one time at 3:00 A.M. when I was writing the scene where Lena, the MC who is dressed in a hanfu on her way to find her boyfriend and I kept playing traditional Chinese and Korean music.

I've outlined most of what will happen. There is the matter of the romance between Lena and her missing boyfriend. Guess what? The boyfriend won't be brooding and mysterious. ^_^;;;

The main bad guy will be surprising (I hope!). One of the antagonists will be a good-looking pain in the ass.

While I was daydreaming about this novel, I thought how cool it would be if this (finished) novel were an RPG video game! O_O! I would faint!

One of the struggles of writing is when you're writing something that might seem out of place. For example, Lena is a Chinese-American who is wandering around a European fantasy world in the first part of the book. I was worried if people might react negatively to that or whether I might be asked to change Lena to a Caucasian girl. I'm also struggling in writing parts of the journey when she's going through a fantasical forest. I am a lazy person who has never hiked or went camping before. -_- 
Even when my mom forced me into a summer camp, it was in Chinatown where you just get divided into classes due to age and go around a school building. Even at the end of the summer camp, we went to a place near a beach but we lived in a rented house so no actual camping was involved. Boring! 

Enough of my memories! I might come back next week to ramble on more.

Bye! Have a nice day!

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