Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September Hello!

Hello! I haven't been updating this blog lately because I...don't have anything to say. lol Even if I think of a topic, I get bored as I'm typing the post. I'm hoping that my attention won't wander away as I'm typing this one.

Anyway, I'm starting to get into the Halloween spirit but it's still early September! I was contemplating doing a Halloween countdown thing next October. We'll see if it actually comes into fruition. Isn't it funny that I love to write but hates writing posts? lol
I thought that I would talk about something horror-related. Yesterday I was re-reading this particular detective slash high school drama story that I started in 2010. It was never finished and there are parts that I forgot about like who the hell particular characters are. That is not good. I still have to do my current WIP so I can't work on the detective WIP. However, I can talk about what Korean drama inspired parts of it. 
It is called Hon (or Soul) which is about a girl whose little sister was killed by a group of bullies led by the son of a successful (evil) lawyer. Her sister's soul enters her body and gets revenge for her death...or does she? This is a very psychological horror slash tragic drama. I will earnestly tell you that I do not like a lot of Korean dramas unlike my friends and mom. I actually enjoyed this one so much that I bothered to finish all the episodes. There were only 10 episodes. The music videos underneath doesn't depict the actual drama but it does put you in the mood for writing horror.

Is it scary? Only if you're the type who gets easily scared by blood and the typical Asian female ghost image. Seriously, I have seen so much Korean and Japanese horror movies that I've quit watching them until they come up with something new. Does it actually make you think about what you're seeing and makes you leak like a broken faucet? Oh, I cannot tell you how much I cried watching things crumble around the main character. The screenwriter of this drama doesn't like the main character!

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