Friday, November 1, 2013

NaNoWriMo is Here!

Even though I began to write my latest novel around the summer time...Sometime around July, I think. This novel is so close to my heart compared to all the other ones I've tried to write. Of course, I will still be working on my other manuscripts but the main couple keeps pulling me back in. Whether or not it will be published will remain to be seen. I've been lurking around the NaNo forums lately which is strange because I didn't do that last year or the year before that. The variety of fantasy novels are astounding as in "Holy, their stories sound really cool. My story is equally as cool, right?"

Ah, whatever. NaNoWriMo is more like a competition for my sanity as in "When am I going to finish writing one lousy novel?"

I did get started an hour after midnight. I managed to pound out 624 words before my eyelids failed on me. I only need 1376 more for today or even more.

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